Saturday, February 22, 2020

Top 10 Advantages of Having a Bigger Breasts

You may be surprised to know, a recent scientific study revealed that bigger breasts can prove beneficial for a wide range of evolutionary and medical purposes.

Many women who have small breasts crave for bigger ones. Breast enlargement pills/cream, (also known as breast augmentation pills/cream) is one of the best available treatments to achieve bigger breasts.

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Here are top 10 social and health benefits of having big breasts.

1. Helps in Swimming

With help of adipose tissue in the breasts, a female swimmer can stay floating in the water. A number of scientific studies have revealed that humans are also a bit aquatic species. So, having large chest can keep women away from drowning!

2. Keeps You Warm

Yeah, that’s true! Adipose tissue also plays a vital role in keeping women with big breasts warmer in winter seasons. More amount of body heat is generated by bigger sized breasts, and this is quite important for women who live in cold place or places where winters are long.

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3. Acts as a Cushion

A strong and big bosom can indeed prove handy in situations of collision. If the size is big enough, a girl or women can simply avoid many bumpy scenarios, especially falling face-first.

4. Outstanding Social Life

You might be aware of this fact and yes it’s true that there are some evolutionary advantages which act as a catalyst for moving ahead in social circles. Big and firm breasts are absolutely eye-catching for men, also serve as an ideal sign for mating.

5. Sign of Fertility

In most cultures across the globe, especially in India, production of hormones which are essential for the development of chest in girls is often seen as a sign of fertility and healthy reproductive system.

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6. Enhances Presence

Big sized breasts are not only captivating, but also work as an effective attracting tool. The girl with the biggest bosom no doubt has a lot more presence in the room and conveys her thoughts better; in short, more individuals will be attracted towards her.

7. Enhances Longevity

Big bosom is clearly an indication of a healthy body. The immune system of underweight women is quite weak which makes their body ineffective to fight with multiple health issues. Generally, women with bigger bosom tend to live a bit longer than their underweight counterparts.

8. Childbearing Ability

A well-endowed female don’t have to face problems of food shortage for their newborns. A recent study showed that human mind considers the size of breasts to determine a female’s childbearing ability!

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9. Better Chances of Employment

Some of you might not agree, but this is true. Women with big bosom have their own unique personality that attracts more clients. Bigger breasts sometimes act a ticket for promotions and raises at the workplaces.

10. Look Better in Clothing

This one depends on one’s personal choice. However, no one can argue on the fact that females with bigger breasts much look better in all types of dresses and clothing.

So, do you wish to have bigger breasts?  You don’t need the rigors of breast surgeris; Breast enlargement enhancers are readily available.

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