Friday, July 24, 2020

Is it a Crime to stage protests in Nigeria? See what happened to Protesters in Abuja

Nigeria which is definitively a democratic nation is killing its protesters. It is increasingly becoming dangerous to stage protests in Nigeria.

Nigerians grow up in a culture where human rights are violated every day. From police brutality to repression and oppression, we live in constant fear.

Though the constitution acknowledges our rights, we find out that these rights are respected in breach by the authorities.

In Abuja, a group of protesters was allegedly assaulted by the police.

Social media is abuzz with various gory pictures of protesters who were shot by the police. Many protesters were allegedly detained too.

From updates, some receiving treatment in the hospital were evacuated by the police and detained.

If one were to go by recent happenings in Nigeria, one wouldn't be surprised that the police brutalised protesters in Abuja yesterday.

Why in the world would the police shoot at protesters? Even in repressive governments, this hardly happens.

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We've seen how IPOB protesters were brutalised by the Nigerian army. We've seen how Shiite protesters were also massacred.

Coming out to remonstrate against the government can cost you your life in Nigeria.

This is a total disgrace to the Nigerian government. This is happening in Abuja, the seat of power. Every day we've complained about cases like this in other parts of Nigeria yet, the government feigns ignorance.

However, what excuse does Buhari have this time? Innocent Nigerians in Abuja are dead because of our bestial policemen.

This time, injustice must not be overlooked. We join our voice with Nigerians to condemn yesterday's massacre in Abuja.

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