Thursday, July 16, 2020

Knowledge The Only Sustainable Empowerment We Need - Bishop David Oyedepo

Opportunities  are privileges that are made available to person to perform a certain function for either positive or negative results.... These privileges are made available everyday to people but it only takes careful observation and descernment to identity them.

For sake of availability of this privileges, it has been designed to be difficult to spot out, thereby creating the impression of it's scarcity. Hence people say "Opportunity comes but one".

In our society there are lots of challenges of which  there are opportunities in them. In challenges there are opportunities. It is left for you to be able to identity the opportunity in them.

A challenge identified and solved is an opportunity harnessed.

It is important to have the prerequisites to harness an opportunity when seen. This is most difficult part of it. Here is why there are the Rich and the Poor. The difference between the Rich and the poor is the opportunity that was made available and harnessed for positive returns.

This ability to descern an opportunity is only made available in the course of "knowledge". The Rich gets richer because of the knowledge they have access to unlike the poor who hardly have access to information... This is why it is important to invest into knowledge, there is a saying that goes"An investment in Knowledge pays the most".

Do you want to harness opportunities when you see them?, Then you need to invest more in knowledge. Study more, the more u read and research the more vasatile you become.

Lack of proper information is the major reason people miss opportunities. Think about it, Do you know you can get empowerment from the government to help grow your business only if your business is registered? Not many persons know this.

What you don't know is bigger than you. Invest today in knowledge. Go the extra mile to attain relevant informations.

Knowledge I'd the empowerment needed in this erra to be outstanding. It takes the knowledge of the truth to remain increasingly empowered in your journey so as to fulfill your destiny in a grand style.

So many people believe they have done a lot in Knowing the best they can. But it is important to note that the secret of sustainable development and Growth is as a result of an unending quest for knowledge.

Pay the price today by investing in knowledge to remain equipped should opportunities arise.

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