Monday, July 13, 2020

See What Isoko Got from Hon. Leo Ogor as Constituency Project

Hon. Leo Okuwe Ogor, a house of rep member representating isoko federal constituency was criticized yesterday by some youths and residents of isoko community for distributing motorcycles as a Constituency project.

Leo Ogor is a member of the House of Representatives for Isoko community in Delta State.

Instead of the youths to applaud him for what he did, he was mocked and his act was described as an outdated form of youth empowerment.

One of the youths in a statement said that for over two decades that Leo Ogor has been in the house of rep that that's what he has been distributing.

A member of the people's Democratic Party revealed that the money allocated for constituency project is 400 million Naira.

But Leo chosed to buy just few bikes for the youths and pockets the remaining amount.

Isoko nation should wake up. Nigeria when will all this end.

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