Tuesday, July 21, 2020

WWE legend Rey Mysterio had one of his eyes Removed by Opponent

The WWE Messiah Match which was held on Monday Night, appeared to have made the Wrestling legend  Rey Mysterio to have had one of his eyes removed at the hands of Seth Rollins, a sight which was too horrific.

The Master of the 619 (Rey Mysterio) rolled around in pain, holding his 'eye' in his hand which made him 'vomit' by the ring.

The ringside doctors ran to help, along with Rey's son Dominik. Rollins was shocked at what he'd done, before dramatically throwing up beside the ring.

The match was part of the 'Eye for an Eye' match, one of the rules of which states that the match could only end if one of the men had their eye extracted.

Rollins was decleared winner after brutally jamming the luchador's eye straight into the corner of the steps that lead up to the ring.

WWE said that Mysterio was rushed to hospital to be treated for a 'potential globe luxation'.

The official statement read: "Medical experts were optimistic that if the optic nerve is not severed and there is not too much strain on the blood vessels and nerves that connect the eye to the rest of the head, there's a chance Mysterio can maintain his vision."

The match took place without fans in the empty arena era of lockdown restrictions.

Fans of WWE reacted to the segment at 'The Horror Show', with people saying it might just be one of the weirdest things the promotion has ever done.

Fans of the the Master of the 619 wish him a speedy recovery.

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