Wednesday, August 19, 2020

See the Message Sent To all African Leaders After Mali Military Coup


Due to the recent development in Mali, the Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Timi Frank, has warned Nigeria and other African countries to learn from the situation.

It had earlier been reported  that Mali President, Ibrahim Keita, was forced to resign and desolve his government after a military coup on Tuesday.

The Malian soldiers had explained why Keita was booted out and also revealed their next line of action.

They said: the coup was necessitated by the recent political crisis that seems to be plunging the country further into chaos.

“Our country is sinking into chaos, anarchy and insecurity mostly due to the fault of the people who are in charge of its destiny,” spokesman of the mutinering Malian soldiers said flanked by some of his men.

Frank, took to his official Twitter handle, to React  commending the Malian Military and the people of Mali for their courageous drive to push away a dictator out of power, adding that democracy and power belong to the people.

He tweeted: “I commend the Malians for their courageous drive to push away a Dictator out of power.

“I also commend the Malian Military, they’ve proven to be with the people.

For months now, Mali has been mired in a political stalemate after the opposition rejected results of local elections held earlier this year and called for Mr. Keita’s resignation for perceived government corruption and incompetence in countering terrorism in the country.

Tensions escalated in July when at least 11 people were killed during three days of unrest following a protest.

The opposition group rejected attempts at mediation with the president, and vowed to continue staging rallies against him despite international mediation efforts to resolve the political crisis.

“Nigeria and other African countries should learn from the Malians style, Democracy and Power belong to the people.”

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