Saturday, August 15, 2020

See What Nnamdi Kanu said about Rivers state Capital


The only reason why Port Harcourt was given that name, was after a sexual deviant, child rapist and confirmed pedophile is for the same reason they named their colonial contraption Nigga-area.

“Igweocha is the name not Port Harcourt, Biafra is the name not Nigga Delta. 

They thought we would never be enlightened enough to discover their game plan, how mistaken they were.

They never knew IPOB would come, or that Almighty God Chukwu Okike Abiama would determine that we should come.

Kanu wrote: “Convincing a child to endure the rigous of education is one of the hardest tasks on earth but good parents insist on it because in the long run sound education is for the good of the child.

When that child grows up he or she ultimately appreciates the parent(s) for the efforts they made in their education. It is no different here.”

“We aim to educate because through education comes enlightenment and through enlightenment comes reasoning. If you cannot get a black man to reason properly their education is an exercise in futility.”

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