About This Website

Our mission is to inspire and motivate persons and families to live a healthy lifestyle by engaging the natural remedies that God has given to mankind freely; the herbs, roots, fruits and many more.

We are committed to enabling wellness and fitness each and every day.

At AboutIt, we view wellness through a humanized and personal lens that focuses on one’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and work life and proffer the easiest and cheapest remedies.

We know and understand the fact that owing to the hardship and poverty all over the world today, people are in great need of the cheapest and easiest means of living a healthy lifestyle, that is why we design this website, and our contents will certainly help you and your loved ones.

It is very important that we as individuals know what to eat OR not eat at every point in time. The goats, dogs and even pussycats knows what the herbs/leaves to chew when faced with certain health challenge, how much more we humans.

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